Sarah works with creative individuals and small businesses that want to express their identity meaningfully throughout their practice. She develops a personal look and feel and paints it across all aspects of their business. With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of marketing and a highly intuitive design sense, she offers her skills and talent to communicate the unique services her clients provide.

Professional Experience

Sarah’s professional experience spans over two decades and the full gamut of graphics industries. She’s worked on all sides, for corporations, supply houses and advertising agencies. Since 1984 she has been an Independent Designer, the In-house Marketing Creative for corporations, an agency Digital Artist, a Print Producer and Department Manager, and in business development and customer service on the vendor side. Early on, she designed and produced marketing programs, catalogs, newsletters, tradeshow and collateral materials for mid-sized companies. Managing the Studio at Resource Marketing in the 90s, she worked on technology clients like Apple, Kingston and Creative, producing everything from national and international print ads to POP displays to white papers and tradeshow graphics. As customer service rep. for Andresen Digital Imaging, she serviced the AT&T Mobile account for FCB, producing more than 250 newspaper ads per week.

In a 2-1/2-year adventure into the world of retail, Sarah as Creative Director launched an art and gift gallery, designing the identity, retail store, and corporate offices. The gallery offered workshops and a newsletter that developed into a magazine launched nationally at Borders and Barnes and Noble, all of which Sarah directed.

From 2000–2007, as Creative Services Manager at Anderson DDB San Francisco, she managed a team of 10 studio production artists, print producers, art buyers, broadcast producers and traffic managers to produce collateral, ads, web, broadcast, tradeshow and outdoor materials for several Johnson & Johnson companies including LifeScan and Animas. In that role she managed all aspects of the department from people to process to procurement, and contributed to the greater agency policy and procedure.

One key source of satisfaction for Sarah comes in the form of creating wonderful experiences for people, whether it’s a satisfying work environment, an amazing event, or a piece of artwork. She has organized elaborate parties and events in both her professional and personal life, including workshops, tradeshow exhibits, holiday parties, weddings, treasure hunts and a repeating theme camp at Burning Man.

Personal Experience

As a parent, Sarah has been driven by her commitment to raise her children as conscious, compassionate, creative people. Having accomplished that life goal, her two sons now grown and embarked on their own life journeys, her focus has turned toward her art. SMart Loft Studio is the evolution of another life long dream and commitment: to manifest creative ideas with the world.

Because truly, most fundamentally, Sarah is an artist. Her art is all about Light and Color. It can be expressed in any medium she gets her hands on — fabric, yarn, beads, paint, paper, ceramics, glass, photography, digital media, furniture, walls, found objects, props, events, theme camps… anything really. In all those mediums, what intrigues her most is the way colors interact with each other and their environments and the way light influences color, and how the opaque or translucent or textured nature of things influences color and adds to our experience of it. Her art intuitively follows these intriguing paths through light and color, leading her through wonderful and exciting realms without having been able to predict where she might end up. It is her sincere hope that her work can bring joy to other hearts as it does to hers.